The Ultimate Mother’s Day Brunch Guide

From childhood to adulthood, your mom likely always had your back. Well, coming up soon is the one day a year she is recognized for all the hard work that she put in to raise such an amazing human being. As a token of your appreciation, you may be gifting her a candle, her favorite lotion, perhaps, or a lovely bouquet of flowers (just like every other year). Why not make this one special and give mom an experience for mother’s day instead? If you’re lacking ideas, don’t worry. Follow along with our mother’s day brunch guide and you’ll have one happy mom in no time!

First things first, the drink. This should be served to mom along with her morning coffee, so she has something to sip on while the rest of the meal is being prepped. We recommend serving this beverage in a champagne flute (or a wine glass if you’re feeling heavy-handed). 

Mama’s Mimosa

Once the drinks have been served, the next step is to work on the food. We recommend chocolate chip pancakes or waffles, because your mom deserves something sweet! As for sides, go with a nice balance of flavors (think salty, savory, sweet). Don’t forget fresh fruits and plenty of syrup. 

Decorations are the next and final step. To the table add your fanciest tablecloth, a vase with fresh flowers, and a handwritten card telling your mom how much she means to you. Don’t forget to tell your mom you love her today and every day!