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All of the flavors are absolutely delicious.. you have a choice of a mixer for each spirit 🍹!
Supporting a small, local product is so important nowadays, specially this one - the quality, the taste, the presentation 💯 ❣️

Cecilia - Happy Customer


Root Elixirs makes fantastic mixers that make you feel like you’re at a fancy cocktail bar when you’re actually at home alone crying because you’ve been quarantined since March. All of the flavors are unique and well balanced and the instructions for making a drink are right on the side of the bottle. I love this soda!

Lisa B. - Happy Customer


One word: delicious. Well, wait, two more words: high quality. Actually... last one... versatile.

Root Elixirs has totally transformed my enjoyment of a beverage at home. Not only are all the flavors delicious with a splash or your favorite spirit, but they are also wonderful to sip on their own. Would highly recommend.

Laura A. - Happy Customer


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