The Root of Our Mission

Ever wondered what inspired Root Elixirs’ mission? Take a little journey with us

Think back to the last time you made a cocktail from scratch…

What did you have in stock already? Fresh lemons? Limes? Oranges? Any fruit at all? Did you have any herbs like mint, basil, or elderflower? When you went to the store to buy what you needed, how much did you spend? And how much of it did you end up using before it went bad?

Keeping a high-grade stocked cocktail bar is a lot of work, and for many of us, it’s not necessarily practical. Fresh produce can be expensive and spoil quicker than you use them, you might not have all the extra ingredients like fresh, simple syrup or soda water, or you might not have the ability to make your ingredients from scratch.

Before Root Elixirs, our craft cocktail journey looked a little something like this:

The desire for a homemade craft cocktail soon turned into the frustration that we didn’t have any ingredients, and later turned into an annoyance that we HAD to go to the store… Except when we finally got there, the ingredients we needed were only sold in bulk; guess we just had to buy it all!

Ok, we got all the ingredients and are home, ready to mix it up. Prepping and hand-squeezing all of the citrus is way more work than needed, especially for only a couple of drinks… There has to be an easier way to do this?! Regardless, we had a few moments of fun behind the “bar.”

Yes, we enjoyed our cocktails and are happy with the outcome, but we have so much leftover produce that we didn’t use!

Everything went bad, we have to go buy more the next time we want drinks, and we’re going to have the same problem… it’s a vicious circle smh.

We relate way too heavily with Leslie Knope on this one…

Now we know we can’t be the only ones who have had this problem. Making craft cocktails from scratch was becoming more of a hassle than a fulfilling experience, which is where Root Elixirs comes in to save the day!

Each Root Elixirs soda is made with the same quality and fresh ingredients as a made-from-scratch cocktail. The beauty of ours is that it saves you time, money and frustration, allowing you to focus your energy on enjoying your libations and good company. Everything you need is ready to go in one bottle; what more could you ask for? When all you have to do is add your spirit, enjoying a craft cocktail from home has never been easier!