Let's Get Spirited

Politics have never tasted so good. Get 2020 election ready with our specialized cocktail recipe and debate bingo.
Whether you’re fired up about politics or a quiet observer, there’s no denying that the 2020 Election is a hot topic (as it should be). If you’re anything like us, though, it also presents the need for a drink… or two.
At Root Elixirs, we believe that every monumental occasion deserves its own cocktail, which is why we’ve developed our very own recipe that is sure to add the perfect touch of patriotism at every election season event.
The “I’m with the Cocktail Party” 
1.5 oz. Vodka
0.25 oz. Aperol
4 oz. Strawberry Lavender Soda
While you’re sipping this delicious drink, we’ve also put together a list of activities to go along! There’s nothing like sitting back, relaxing and getting election day ready.
  • Register to Vote! This is a major one. Election day is Tuesday, November 3, so it’s coming time to identify your closest polling place! And if you opt for a mail-in ballot, you can vote even sooner. All you need to do is make sure that you’re registered in time. Deadlines vary depending on where and how you plan on voting, so it’s better to get on it sooner rather than later. Remember, your vote matters!

  • Not entirely sure who to vote for? No worries, educating yourself is key to making an informed decision you feel confident about. For a quick and straightforward answer as to which candidate you identify more with, you can take quizzes such as ISideWith.org’s 2020 candidate match survey. Here, you can also read up on each candidate’s beliefs per policy. Knowledge is everything! You can also check out Biden and Trump’s extensive visions and plans at their respective campaign websites. 

  • And for some extra fun, we’ve put together “Debate Bingo” for you to sip and play during the Thursday, Oct. 22 election at 6 p.m. PST (9 p.m. EST)! Who said debates had to be boring or stressful? Gather your friends and family, and tune into the debate to hear from the candidates themselves while enjoying a nice Root Elixirs cocktail.

We hope you’re just as excited for election season as we are; we want to see you all in action. So much so that we are doing an Election Day Giveaway! Entering is simple: when you mix up our election day cocktail and play bingo with your friends, make sure to snap a pic and tag us on Instagram! The winner will receive a special election day Root Elixirs gift box!