Celebrating Black History Month with Delicious Pairings

February is Black History Month, which is a historical month-long celebration and commemoration of the history of Black Americans in the United States. While there are a multitude of ways to honor African American history in the United States this month, one way we like to celebrate Black History Month is through food. We have gathered some of our favorite recipes from Black food bloggers, and are excited to share them with you!

Peach Cobbler + Blissful Greens 

The first recipe comes to us from Jazzmine (instagram: dashofjazzblog), also referred to by her blogger name, Dash of Jazz. Jazzmine started her blog in 2015 by sharing recipes she loved, and since then, Dash of Jazz has evolved into a lifestyle resource and so much more for women in pursuit of a balanced lifestyle. In celebration of Black History Month, Jazzmine shared her Aunt Georgia’s Peach cobbler.

With a dessert so decadent and delicious, it’s only fair to pair it alongside a light and bubbly cocktail, like this Blissful Greens cocktail!


  • 4 oz Root Elixirs Cucumber Elderflower Mixer 
  • 2 oz Black Momma Green Tea Vodka
  • Green Tea Ice cubes
  • Garnish with cucumber and baby’s breath

For more tips and tricks for this recipe, as well as backstory about Jazzmine’s Aunt  Georgia and the origins of this recipe, here’s a link to the Dash Of Jazz blog. Don't forget to try this out and let us know what you think!

Sweet Potato and Tahini Stew + Sugar and Spice

Our next featured recipe is a smoky sweet potato and tahini stew, courtesy of Supper with Michelle. Mchelle Braxton, creator of Supper with Michelle, has been sharing her life knowledge and recipes on her blog and instagram (@supperwithmichelle) since 2014, and is known for her love of soup. This recipe and so many more can be found on Michelle’s blog

To keep with the theme of smoky, wintry vibes, our recommended drink pairing for this delicious dish would be the sugar and spice cocktail. Our Root Elixirs ginger beer meshes together with the apple cider to create a perfect match to a warm hearty soup. 

Sugar Coated Vanilla Peanuts + White Linen

Lastly, Murielle Banackissa shared a Congolese treat near and dear to her heart, which are sugar coated vanilla peanuts. Murielle (@muriellebanackissa on instagram), grew up in the Congo, and has fond childhood memories associated with these easy-to-make sweet peanuts. Personally, I can’t wait to try these!

The perfect fresh and bubbly beverage to offset the sweetness of these peanuts is our White Linen cocktail. The perfect nightcap awaits with these two easy recipes!

Make sure to follow along for more fun recipe pairing ideas Root Elixirs style, comin' your way.