An Exclusive look into Sustainability

Sustainably-made products are always easier to consume. No guilt about where ingredients come from or how items are made, just the happiness of enjoying a product made especially for you. So how are we devoted to sustainability here at Root Elixirs? We wanted to open up the conversation surrounding sustainability: and how we are committed to this goal. 

At the heart of Root Elixirs’ mission is one key word that affects every aspect of the brand: quality. Focusing on quality ingredients and quality service ultimately leads to quality time spent with the people you love instead of behind the bar. So how do we make sure that the process of Root Elixirs creation is intentionally crafted the best way possible? We begin by locally sourcing all of our ingredients from the West Coast. Then, each batch of our mixers are made on-site before they are shipped to you. We are a small-batch company, which means that quality is at the forefront when creating each mixer. But don’t just take our word for it. We sat down with the founder of Root Elixirs to get an inside scoop of her vision behind the brand. 

Q: How does Root Elixirs intentionally craft each mixer to create an elevated cocktail?

A: The purpose of Root Elixirs is to provide the look, feel, and taste of a craft cocktail made at a bar - but with the added benefit of being able to enjoy it no matter where you are. Each batch is made deliberately so that each bottle contains exactly enough mixer for 2-3 craft cocktails - all you need to do is add ice and your favorite mixer, and it’s good to go. 

Q: Why did you choose to make your mixers carbonated?

A: My thought process behind creating Root Elixirs was to simplify the process as much as I could - while still providing space for customization. Adding carbonation to the mixer essentially took out another item from the customer’s cart: so instead of picking up 6 or more ingredients to make a cocktail - now they only have to pick out 2. 

Q: What does sustainability mean to you, and how does that translate into your company?

A:  The name for my company, actually, was inspired by my home garden. I have always stressed the importance of fresh ingredients, so having a home garden has always been a non-negotiable for me. When the idea for my company came along, I took inspiration from the fresh ingredients from my garden - the “Root” part of Root Elixirs is taken from the fresh herbs and citrus rooted in my backyard, and the “Elixirs” part is the added fun ‘potion’ of those fresh ingredients mixed together. For me, the importance of sustainability is shown in a few ways at Root Elixirs. First, the local garden plot that we pull from directly to create our garnishes, and seasonal flavors. Next, our glass bottles. While the idea of cans is much cheaper, we intentionally package all of our mixers in glass bottles - because of their recyclability. And lastly, in every aspect of our business, sustainability and intentionality is at the core. From our cardboard packaging to our locally sourced ingredients, we are constantly thinking about how we can be conscious about each step of the process. 

Q: What is your current go-to springtime cocktail recipe?

A: I would have to say my current go-to recipe is a delicious and refreshing drink featuring our Cucumber Elderflower mixer:

  • 6 oz Cucumber elderflower mixer
  • 2 oz Monday Gin Spirit
  • Muddled honeydew melon
  • Garnish with fresh mint

Before you go about your day, we want to leave you with a way in which you can practice sustainability! A great use for your empty bottle of Root Elixirs is to turn it into a super-cute vase. All you have to do is wash it out, peel off the label (or leave it - they are pretty cute) and add some fresh cut flowers with water! Bring some color to your house without having to break the bank on a vase. 

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