Root Elixirs sample pack. Starter kit for bartending. Cocktail mixers

Variety Pack - 6 Bottles Root Elixirs | Root Elixirs Sparkling Premium Cocktail Mixers 12 oz

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Indulge in the ultimate variety of mixers, each boasting their own delightful flavors. Experience the refreshing zing of Ginger Beer, the enticing blend of Grapefruit Jalapeno, the tropical escape of Pineapple Passionfruit, and the soothing notes of Strawberry Lavender. Don't forget the crowd favorite, Cucumber Elderflower! With this tantalizing range of options, you can craft up to 18 specialty cocktails and bring the life of any party. So raise a glass, toast to good times, and cheers to an unforgettable evening of flavors and fun! 🍹🎉