A Mixer Was Born


How did Root Elixirs come to be? This is the story behind how all your craft-cocktail dreams came true.

One + Two = Drink ENJOY!

There is a remarkable woman who used to love to throw elaborate parties, just as stylish and thought out as she herself. Guests of the sophisticated parties were sure to enjoy a dedicated theme, enthusiastic decorations, and a spectacular beverage or two. As a skilled bartender by trade, the beverages the woman served were undoubtedly a highlight. Alas, this often meant the social butterfly was confined to making drinks instead of truly enjoying the carefully crafted curations she had put together. What was a successful young socialite and award-winning mixologist to do?

‘Why, make a mixer of course!!’ She thought. Obviously, this mixer can't possibly be mom’s margarita mix recipe, some juice cocktail or a jug of premade cosmos, no sir!! It needed something different, elevated, exciting, it would neeeeed...


Whatever it was, it needed to be carbonated, but how the heck do you do that? Where most people might give up right then, our party-dynamo took to doing her research. Somehow undiscouraged still, she tried some ideas and had her failures but after some practice and experimentation, a winning soda was born! It was a Ginger Boy! I mean beer… Ginger Beer! Just a little fresh citrus, fresh ginger, sugar, water and a pinch of pepper, made a refreshing, bright beverage, practically BEGGING for a shot of spirit! Just to be clear, ‘a little’ is just a cute way of saying a BUTT LOAD of those things I listed, plus a TON of hard work and MOOOOOONTHS of practice, research, and sticky kitchens... Our girl gets props, okay?

Anyway, the new mother to her bubbling baby beverage began to serve her creation to the masses at her swaries, which as a result, were swankier than ever, and she actually got to enjoy it, at last. 

More importantly, though, it dawned on her early in her research that along with a newly discovered passion, she had an unexpectedly lucrative opportunity. It turns out, making and carbonating something is not as simple as someone might think. There was a reason no Taylor, Mick, or Perry was producing a two-ingredient soda as a hobby. She knew it would take an incredible effort and even a bit of an investment on her part to achieve the volumes she would need for even one party. It didn't make sense to go through all of what she was about to just for a pat on the back from a couple of her thirsty friends. With that, she completed her recipe with the express intent of bringing her little piggy to market, so she did.

“1st move!”

She thought to offer her Ginger Beer to the owner of the bar she now managed, who was impressed and agreed to serve our once-hostess-now-emerging-entrepreneur’s soda in their Moscow Mules. Encouraged and inspired, she went on as a soda goddess, to hopefully bring even more incredible carbonated mixers to bars around the world, NO, the universe!!!

Next, there was a Strawberry Lavender, playfully sweet and delightfully tart. Then came Grapefruit Jalapeno, uniquely tantalizing with its spice and bitterness. She began to invest more and more and soon, she had a product, a brand, and thus, spurned a new area of premade cocktail mixers, Root Elixirs was born.

A special kind of person, an inspiration! #swoon

This tale is not one of fancy but true to the inspiring tale of Ms. Dominique Gonzales, owner, founder, and original sole purveyor of Root Elixirs. Dom, as she also goes by, is one of the very rare people who followed a dream and rarer still, she has been smart enough to have made it her dreams a success. She set out with the intention to introduce the world to the holy grail of entertaining; a delicious “two-ingredient” craft cocktail mixer, elevated by unique flavor combos and sparkling carbonation. Though she has brought the company an immeasurably long way, this simple intention is something that Dom insists her company exemplifies to this day, as the head of a small team.

In June 2018, Cucumber Elderflower broke heat waves with its refreshing crisp flavor, as the fourth flavor to inspire bartenders from here to Quebec (Canada.. Coldwave. Whatever).

Consisting of no more than six main ingredients, each flavor is crafted in small batches made with fresh citrus juices, fragrant botanicals, and filtered water to ensure the most refreshing taste and to provide bright, visually refreshing, natural colors.  Served in bars, restaurants, shops, and shipped across country, Dom is well on her way to bring Root Elixirs into every household as the name to beat in cocktail mixers.

What started as a complicated solution to the simple problem of an ambitious hostess, has lead to a one of a kind product line that is sure to impress.

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